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Rapid PCR Covid/Flu/ RSV testing is available in our office.



Known exposure to a confirmed case of Covid-19; if you have fever (>100.4 F/38 C), lower respiratory symptoms (cough, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing), diarrhea. loss of smell or taste, testing is recommended. If you have no symptoms, quarantine and have testing done 6 days after last date of exposure. For household contacts, this would be on day 16 after the date of household members positive test.  

No known confirmed Covid exposure contact; if you have fever (>100.4 F/38 C), lower respiratory symptoms, it would be appropriate to screen for flu and other seasonal respiratory viruses first. If these tests are negative, Covid-19 testing would be recommended if there is also a high risk of exposure (daycare, classroom exposure, etc).  

Our office has adopted the following recommendations in an effort to provide a safer environment as we service our patients.

Sick visits:

  • Please limit the number of people to a caregiver and the sick patient(s).

  • When you arrive, check in and then wait in your vehicle until called to come in for your visit. 

  • Everyone 3 y/o and older are required to wear a mask while in the clinic

  • Patients with known covid exposure and sick symptoms will be seen in the back parking lot of the office to reduce the risk of Covid exposure.

Well side visits:​

  • Patients/parents with signs of illness will not be serviced on the well side of the clinic. 

  • Patients will be screened at check in for respiratory symptoms and may be rescheduled. 

  • After signing in, you have the option to wait in the well waiting room or in your vehicle.

​When talking with children and adolescents about Covid-19, we recommend keeping the conversation straightforward and direct, answering the questions they ask. More on how to talk with your children may be found at

Hand washing, wearing masks and "social distance" is the key to prevention!

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