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School, Sports & Pre-Op Physicals

Our physicians recommend annual back-to-school physicals to monitor your child’s development and ensure they are up to date on all immunizations. These physicals also give our physicians the opportunity to talk with parents about any concerns they may have and to discuss issues like drugs, alcohol, smoking, sexual activity and depression with adolescents.

Sports physicals are recommended once a year for any child playing sports. They are used to screen your child for any potential athletic health problems. Sports physicals should not be used as a substitute for an annual well-child examination, as they are effective for athletic health screening, but not for overall health assessments.

Pre-operative physicals are important in evaluating your child’s health before undergoing a surgical procedure. Our physicians check for illnesses that may complicate surgery under anesthesia, such as bronchitis, pneumonia, or certain viruses. Other conditions like premature birth, seizure disorders, diabetes or other impairments are assessed to ensure necessary precautions are used during surgery. It is important to have a pre-op physical performed to ensure your child does not encounter any preventable complications.

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